About us

Together to make it better !

Helping the other foundation :

We think that other local foundation makes also the difference and it’s why we help them by giving our support !

The foundation that we help are working on:

– Supporting and providing a good education

– No plastic in the Ocean

– Supporting small local business

– Observing Fauna and Flora with responsible way / save the sharks and local environment

Cindy Ready to diveDam underwaterDavidsonALex F

Cindy F. : Nature lover and Dive Guide, Cindy is also the manager of the Dive Center SSI #741144

Damien L. :Sport teacher at the beginning but above all passionate about marine life, Damien is the Co-founder and Scuba Diving Instructor SSI #65153 

Davidson N. : Graduated and majoring in Marine Biology, volunteer in some NGO since 2009 and working for WWF Indonesia as a Capture Fisheries Officer, Davidson is an active member of Diving Ocea !

Alex F.: He started the activities with us from the beginning he is a part of all our adventure trip in Indonesia, Alex is our French connection between France and Indonesia.


 Be a responsible diver, snorkeler surfer…